Redx Pharma is a program and technology development resource for the global pharmaceutical industry. We are early stage specialists (Hit to Lead Optimization phases) with R&D facilities at three sites in the UK.

Redx Pharma's R&D is founded on the combination of expert medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and DMPK resource; our proprietary Redox Switch™ approach; and our close links with academia and industry.

From this basis, Redx Pharma is developing a sustainable pharmaceutical R&D model focused on providing:

  • Attractive, differentiated early stage small molecule therapeutics with comprehensive supporting data for in-licensing by pharmaceutical partners.
  • Fast follower drugs in key therapeutic areas with high unmet need based on the utilization of our internal capacities and our proprietary Redox Switch™ approach.
  • Academia and early stage biotech with a route to market for novel and emerging science and programs that require hands-on chemistry and pharmacology resource to generate optimized early stage drugs with industry-standard data packages.

Supported by a rapidly growing staff of over 100 scientists, Redx Pharma is currently progressing programs through development in the following areas:

  • Infectious Disease
    • Antibiotics to both validated and novel targets
    • Antivirals with an emphasis on influenza and HBV
  • Oncology
    • Tumour microenvironment and immunobiology
    • Cancer stem cell pathways
    • Cancer metabolism

Our Pipeline page provides more information on the programs currently in development.