AGM Statement – Sixth proof of concept – Potential new treatment for gonorrhoea

24 Feb 2016

Redx Pharma will be holding its Annual General Meeting today and Chairman, Dr Frank Armstrong, will make the following comment on the Company’s progress:

Redx continues to make substantial progress across its research programs and we are delighted to announce today that we have reached the pre-clinical proof of concept stage with an anti-infective lead that has the potential to treat gonorrhoea, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (“STI”) globally, with over 106 million cases each year*. The need for a new treatment for this STI is becoming ever more urgent with resistance to last-line antibiotics now emerging as a critical problem.

This is the second proof of concept to have been delivered from our anti-infectives pipeline in the last 18 months. To date, six proof of concepts have been achieved across five programs, with relevance for respective therapies to treat MRSA, bone tumours, skin, brain, breast, pancreatic and blood cancers.

Our drug development candidate in the Porcupine program, which has the potential to target hard-to-treat cancers including pancreatic, triple negative breast and head and neck cancers, continues to offer very exciting potential. Alongside our MRSA compound, we expect it to progress into first-in-human clinical trials in the first quarter of 2017.

We continue to view prospects for the business with confidence.

A presentation to be delivered to shareholders by Neil Murray, Chief Executive, at today’s AGM is available here:
AGM Presentation for the year to 30 September 2015

* WHO Global Action plan to control the spread and impact of antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae (2012):