Redx supports young scientists in Staffordshire University’s GradEX exhibition

25 Oct 2016

Emily Offer and Alicia Edmenson Cook fromRedx Immunology participated in the biological science judging panel for this year’s Staffordshire University’s GradEx exhibition day.

GradEX is an annual event run by Stafford University that gives science students an opportunity to showcase the excellent work they have done for their final year projects to the wider scientific community.

First prize was awarded to Josh Beavis for his project “Supplementing Prescribed Medicines – A Deadly Conflict?”. In his project he investigated the effect of over the counter herbal and food supplements on liver CYP enzymes. Second prize was awarded to Alexander Piercy for his project “Does Tempo Have an Effect on Induced Mood State”. In this challenging project Alex aimed to explore the concept of music therapy for mental illness. Redx Pharma was also delighted to sponsor the prizes received by the students.

It was great to support Staffordshire University studentssaid Dr Emily Offer, Principal Scientist at Redx Immunology.

We were impressed by the quality of presentations, diversity of subject matter and passion they showed for science and their projects.

Prize winners Alexander Piercy and Josh Beavis, students at Staffordshire University, with Emily Offer and Alicia Edmenson Cook from Redx Immunology